Paris at the time of Philippe Auguste

The city


They were very narrow and entangled, some even enabled only the passage of one man at a time. The widest were rue Saint-Martin and Grande-Rue Saint Honoré.

A charter in 1222 ordered the width of the the streets to a little less than 6 meters, so that two carts could cross each other. Stones were put along the sidewalks, so that the carts would make no damage to the houses. They were also used by riders to go on horses. There were less than 300 streets They werre muddy, filthy, smelly. No longer able to bear the smell carried away by the mud, one day of 1185. Philippe Auguste ordered the paving of the streets.

He asked his provost to have the main streets paved because of the inbearable smell. Indeed Paris at that time did not smell very good.