Paris at the time of Philippe Auguste

The king

A few facts

Born in 1165, he died in 1223 and he became king in 1180.

He was only 15 years old when his father Louis VII died. And already he was in conflict with an alliance of nobility from Fllanders, Champagne and Burgundy. He conquered Artois, Vendomois and Amiens.

He left for the crusades in 1190, returning the following year. He took control of Normandy after Richard the Lionheart had been captured and made a prisoner of Henry VI in 1194. Following the death of Richard, Philippe Auguste continued to be at war with the new King of England, John. He invaded Normandy in 1202 and over the next two years, Touraine, Anjou and Poitou. In 1214 he defeated King John at the battle of Bouvines.

He expanded his kingdom considerably during his reign.

His first wife was Isabelle de Hainaut. Following her death in 1190, he married Ingeburg of Denmark. But he soon annulled this marriage to marry Agnes de Marenie, which resulted in condemnation by Pope Innocent III and his excommunication. However, after the death of his third wife, he consented to the reinstatement of Ingebruge as his wife.