Paris at the time of Philippe Auguste

The king

Short chronology of events

1180: Beginning of reign of Philip Augustus.
1180: February 5: Philip Augustus condemns the leaders of the Jewish community to pay a fine of 15,000 silver 'marcs'( currency of the time).
1181: The king buys back the market which was near the leper colony ofSaint-Lazaire, and moves it to the 'Champeaux', where the Halles are today.
1182: Expulsion of the Jews. They could return on condition that they pay heavy taxes in 1198.
May 19: Consecration of the main altar of the cathedral of Notre-Dame.
1183: Construction of the first Halles: two buildings at
1185: Rue St. Denis, creation of Saint Catherine hospital
1186: start of street paving.
1187: a wall now separates the Champeaux market from the cemetery of Saints Innocents.
1190: Philip Augustus leaves on a crusade.
Creation of bailiffs and senechals, royal officers to whom he gives great power

1194: The royal archives are lost. Philip Augustus has them rebuilt in two copies. One will stay in Paris.
1197 Flood.
1200:Appearance of the first signs for private homes
July: Philip Augustus accords privileges to the university
1202:Completion of the construction of the Louvre
Creation of the Hospital of the Trinity
- New flooding of the Seine.
- Start of construction of the wall on the left bank .