Paris at the time of Philippe Auguste

Le mur rive droite

The wall

Right bank
Rue des Jardins St Paul

Map of the right bank
Along Lycée Charlemagne the remnant of a tower. Amongst the male celebreties to have studied at Lycée Charlemagne one can mention : Michelet, Victor Cousin, Bonnardot, Théophile Gautier, Paul Meurice and Gérard de Nerval.
In his Dictionnaire Historique des rues de Paris (Historical Dictionary of the streets of Paris) , Jacques Hillairet writes the following about the rampart: "After the gate that has replaced the old pedimented stone door, the passage leading to the lycée runs alongside the right hand side of the site of Philip-Augustus's rampart, the foundations of which are still in existence. The shallow logde of the doorkeeper is situated in the thickness of this wall. The passage leads to a tower ...