Paris at the time of Philippe Auguste

plaque rue du Louvre

The wall


For as long as anyone can remember, Parisians have always liked to commemorate the memories of monuments, of famous people, of important events by plaques in the streets. Philippe Auguste's wall is no different in that respect, as the oldest plaque recording its existence that can still be seen today in rue Dauphine dates from the 17th century. More recently, Paris City Hall commissioned Philip Starck to erect a series of plaques all over the city with historical information. And our favorite wall has not been overlooked..

This is a complete catalogue (as of February 2003) of all these commemorative plaques. We have chosen below the special plaque of St Etienne du Mont, as it is the only one to show a map of a section of the well. Furthermore, it is not actually on a section of the wall. .

It is situated along the southern walkway of the church. It shows the complete section going from boulevard St Michel to rue Saint Jacques, with the "parloir aux bourgeois", a local parisian building. This "parloir" is noticeable as the shape is that of in the original wall. It is commemorated by a plaque on the corner of the rue Victor Cousin and rue Soufflot. According to Jacques Hillairet, this plaque is wrong and the "parloir au bourgeois" would be situated at du Châtelet.

left bank west with indication on the map
left bank east with indication on the map
right bank with indication on the map

plaque st etienne du mont paris