Paris at the time of Philippe Auguste

Le cadastre

The wall

Angles and layouts

Philippe Auguste's wall is completely woven into the urban landscape to such an extent that many of the sites visible today are located in courtyards, within cellars, or entombed in underground car parks. Only a careful look can spot them and yet there are recognisable tangible remnants.

However the clearest reminder of the wall is not visible. The layout of the wall has left numerous marks in the layout of different landowners plots of land, as can be seen in the city's register of land for tax purposes. Less obviously, there is a sort of "domino" effect, created by the many buildings adjoining parts of the wall, whose design and layout has been determined by the original course of the wall.

In this section of the web site we've tried to capture the faded traces left by the ramparts. Come back from time to time and check if we've had time to add some more.

Paris - septembre 2003

Right bank : rue du Louvre ||Left bank : Quai Conti